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SDR de última generación desarrollado específicamente para DX y concursos. Cubre las bandas de HF/6M/VHF.

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 Based on the popular SunSDR2 PRO, the “DX” version adds 100 watt transmit capability to the already feature rich SunSDR2 series of direct conversion SDR transceivers.

SunSDR2 DX Improvements and New Features

  • 100 watt transmit power on HF bands
  • New ATU connector for future antenna tuner option
  • High pass filter for VHF
  • Low pass filter for 70 MHz
  • Improved VHF LNA (PGA103+ chip)
  • Anderson Powerpole power connector
  • More reliable EXT CTRL connector
  • Improved PCB topology
  • Lower power consumption and lower power dissipation

SunSDR2 DX Main Capabilities

  • Independent RX path based on DDC (Direct Down-Conversion) architecture
  • Independent TX path based on DUC (Direct Up-Conversion) architecture
  • 2 software RXs + SubRX for each of them (4 slices total) + independent wideband Bandscope up to 80 MHz
  • Remote control operation, using it, you connect PTT and CW-key to the E-Coder panel. Microphone and E-Coder are connected to the remotely set up PC
  • TCI interface for seamless connection with third-party software like SDC (with its own Skimmer), LogHXSWISSLOG and RUMlog, more are coming
  • Professional TX processing module provides the most advanced tuning capability for voice operation
  • ExtCTRL connector to control external devices with 8 powerful keys with open collector
  • ALC connector for external power amplifiers*
  • Supports use of VHF transverters**
  • An opportunity to use the transceiver as a signal generator via DAC OUT connector (SMA connector)
  • An opportunity to use external filters in the middle of the RF path, using ADC IN and RX OUT (SMA connector)
  • Minimal delay in CW mode (about 10 ms)
  • Input for external 10 MHz reference oscillator
  • An opportunity to use the transceiver in SO2V mode
  • Full duplex or half duplex modes***
  • Antenna switch with 2 HF antenna connectors and separate VHF antenna connector (Mini UHF connectors)
  • Internal power-meter for HF and VHF bands and SWR-meter for HF band
  • Ethernet LAN interface provides fast and reliable connection to PC

* ** *** These functions are supported by the transceiver’s hardware, but is not implemented in the ExpertSDR2 software. They will be supported in the future ExpertSDR2 software releases.


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SDR de última generación desarrollado específicamente para DX y concursos. Cubre las bandas de HF/6M/VHF.